What does it cost?

What does it cost?

What Does it Cost

Depending on your particular circumstances, FlexEquip equipment may be loaned or rented to you. See Who can get FlexEquip assistive technology? for eligibility.

FlexEquip assistive technology loans - For people with motor neurone disease who are over the age of 65 years and not NDIS participants, equipment provided is fully subsidised by MND NSW.

FlexEquip assistive technology rental (NDIS) - For people who are NDIS participants a FlexEquip service agreement will be arranged to enable funding from your assistive technology budget to be utilised.

FlexEquip offer either bundle subscription or individual rental.

The FlexEquip Bundle subscription entitles you to access all available equipment through the FlexEquip library as a cost effective and time efficient means of accessing assistive technology Product Library.

FlexEquip NDIS Bundle excludes the hire of Eye Gaze kits.

Eye gaze kits are offered for individual rental only, charged in 3 monthly increments.