Electric wheelchair tilt-in-space - mid wheel drive


Electric wheelchair tilt-in-space - mid wheel drive

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  • Specifics of an available power wheelchair are provided to the assessing health professional, after submission of an equipment referral, to check and confirm suitability prior to shipping.
  • Does not include cushion or switches

Items may vary from Illustration. Limits apply. FlexEquip items are loaned or rented for short to medium-term use. The returned items are checked and cleaned according to a strict cleaning protocol by FlexEquip staff prior to subsequent loan or rental.

  • A large power wheelchair that provides increased support to the upper body and head of the user.

    The electronic controller is used to adjust the tilt of the seating and drive speed and there is manual recline positioning of the backrest.

    The mid wheel drive is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces and indoors.

  • Included:

    • Electric wheelchair
    • Height adjustable headrest
    • Backrest
    • Joystick and attendant control
    • Seat board
    • Removable swing away standard legrests
    • Battery charger
    • Power cable
    • Available in various sizes
    • Electronic hand control enabling speed control and tilt repositioning
    • Controller can be mounted on the right or left hand side and can be used with assistive technology switches 
    • Also includes an electronic attendant control for a carer to drive the wheelchair, if required, whilst walking behind
    • Padded backrest: standard or with built in lateral supports
    • Correct tyre inflation pressure is marked on the outside rim of the tyre
    • Tyres can be inflated at service stations or if you have a portable air compressor