SCATIR switch

SCATIR switch

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  • The Self Calibrating Auditory Tone Infrared (SCATIR) switch is activated when the infrared light is positioned to pick up the smallest of movements of the face or hand. The infrared light detects the movement to activate the switch.

  • Included:

    • Control box
    • Flexible gooseneck infrared light mount
    • Glasses infrared light mount
    • Rechargeable battery charger
    • Can be activated with an eye blink, eyebrow movement, finger movement, head movement, and facial muscle movement
    • Can be mounted a variety of ways:
      • Gooseneck mount
      • switch mount
      • Eye Glasses mount
  • Demonstration on use of a SCATIR switch:

    Further demonstration on the use of a SCATIR switch:

    User Manual:


  • The infrared light detects movement and registers that movement as switch activation.