Proximity switch - Papoo

Proximity switch - Papoo

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  • A hands-free, within 1cm, activated switch used to access assistive devices when a person has limited hand function. 3.5mm jack connection.

    A similar switch is the Little Candy Corn switch.

  • Included:

    • Switch
    • Initial use battery
    • 4.6cm diameter
    • Height 1.4cm
    • Hyper sensitive to the approach of the human body and doesn’t require a direct physical contact to be activated
    • Powered by a removable battery lasting up to 4 months
    • Adjustable sensor to suit each person’s needs
  • Demonstration on use of a Papoo switch:

  • This device detects movement, such as a wave of a hand or finger over the sensor, up to 1cm away and registers this as activation.

    A similar device is the Littler Candy Corn switch: