Cushion switch

Cushion switch

Items may vary from Illustration. Limits apply. FlexEquip items are loaned or rented for short to medium-term use. The returned items are checked and cleaned according to a strict cleaning protocol by FlexEquip staff prior to subsequent loan or rental.

  • A soft foam switch particularly suitable for head or cheek activation as well as for use when in bed.

  • Included:

    • Switch
    • Removable washable cover
    • Dimensions 10cm L x 10cm W x 8cm H
    • Can use most parts of body e.g. hand, chin, foot
    • Light touch activation
    • Can be used freestanding, pinned to clothing or connected to any surface with Velcro
  • Switch Guide by Therapy Box:

  • The switch is activated by pressing the top foam surface. The soft material allows it to be attached to a wheelchair or pillow and is removable and machine washable.