• Discontinued - 3 held in library
  • Does not include switch

Items may vary from Illustration. Limits apply. FlexEquip items are loaned or rented for short to medium-term use. The returned items are checked and cleaned according to a strict cleaning protocol by FlexEquip staff prior to subsequent loan or rental.

  • Portable communication device that has the ability to store up to 40 basic pre-recorded messages for playback through direct touch or switch scanning. Has up to 150 seconds of recording time.

  • Included:

    • MessageMate
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Charger
    • Dimensions 29.9cm L x 10.1cm W x 3.2cm H
    • 40 x 1cm square keys are available over 3 levels for the user to select or prioritise
    • Easy push and hold to record with screen lock to prevent accidental deletion of a message
    • The keys can be set up with a printable symbol chart for quick identification of the message
    • Scanning mode (i.e. Switch activated)- linear and column-row scan using 1 or 2 switches which plug/s into the device
  • A pre-recorded message is played back when the user selects a symbol. Recorded messages can be made and set up by the user, family, friends or health professionals.