Lightwriter SL40 Connect

Lightwriter SL40 Connect

  • Discontinued - 1 held in library

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  • A text-to-speech device for communication. Dual screen for communicating either face-to-face (written), or generates speech output through speech synthesis.

  • Included:

    • Lightwriter
    • Carry bag
    • Charger
    • Portable
    • Word prediction
    • Can transfer messages between computer and Lightwriter for editing
    • Memory stores frequently used words or phrases
  • Demonstration on use of the Lightwriter SL40:

    User Manual:

    Deleting word from dictionary/predictions list:

  • The Lightwriter produces typed words and sentences as spoken words and/or text on two small screens positioned on the front and back of the device. The user types a message and presses the speech button for the message to be spoken out loud. SIM card can be inserted into the device for the ability to use the Lightwriter to send/receive SMS and calls.