Eye gaze environmental control unit - EyeR USB


Eye gaze environmental control unit - EyeR USB

  • For loan with FlexEquip Eye Gaze EyeMobile 5 devices only

Items may vary from Illustration. Limits apply. These FlexEquip items are loaned for short-term use only. The returned items are checked and cleaned according to a strict cleaning protocol prior to subsequent loan.

  • The EyeR USB is a dedicated IR dongle made for use with eye tracking that enables environmental control. It is for use with EyeMobile 5 eye gaze systems only.

  • Included:
    • EyeR USB

    Not included

    • infrared-enabled devices not included
    • plug EyeR into your computer or tablet to use in combination with Virtual Remote software
    • Virtual Remote software enables you to add infrared (IR) functionality to any tablet or laptop for control of infrared enabled items in your surroundings
    • allows you to control doors, lights, beds, air conditioners, TVs and other infrared-enabled devices — even from across the room
  • Compatible with IR devices not compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices