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Who can get FlexEquip assistive technology?

FlexEquip provides assistive technology (aids and equipment) for adults who live in NSW or the ACT.

You may be eligible to get equipment through FlexEquip if you live in NSW or ACT and you live at home or in low level care (e.g. hostel, independent unit) and you are:


  • an NDIS participant diagnosed with a rapidly progressive neurological condition including:
    • an NDIS participant diagnosed with motor neurone disease or
    • an NDIS participant diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or
    • an NDIS participant diagnosed with muscular dystrophy or
    • an NDIS participant diagnosed with another rapidly progressive neurological condition


  • a person with motor neurone disease and need:
    • short to medium-term use of assistive technology (up to 12 months) or
    • longer term use of use of assistive technology (more than 12 months), but need short-term use of assistive technology (as a stop-gap), while you apply for equipment from the NSW government equipment service, EnableNSW,

Depending on your particular circumstances, FlexEquip equipment may either be rented or loaned to you. See What does it cost? for more about costs and charges.

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