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What happens once a referral is made?

Allocation of assistive technology

Before allocating an item, FlexEquip staff will check the information provided on the referral. FlexEquip may also consult with the referring health professional to confirm the details about the assistive technology required.

Once a FlexEquip Equipment Referral is checked, and once the relevant loan or rental agreement is in place, FlexEquip staff will allocate the item and contact you regarding delivery.


All assistive technology items are delivered (and retrieved) after arrangements have been made by FlexEquip staff.

FlexEquip staff will:

  • let you know when your allocated item is available
  • organise the courier and arrange the delivery
  • provide you with the courier booking details on request 

Sometimes, you can assist by arranging your own pick-up of equipment but only after consulting with the FlexEquip staff.

Items are delivered with a shipping letter. This letter is your record of items in the delivery. It also provides the contact details of the health professional who requested the assistive technology for you. You need to contact this health professional so that they can check, install and instruct you on how to use the item. A copy of this letter is also posted to you a few days after the assistive technology has been shipped to you.

Installation and instructions for use

When the item is delivered, you are asked to contact the referring health professional.

The referring health professional will:

  • check to see you have received the right model or type of assistive technology aid or equipment item
  • install the assistive technology
  • show you how to use and care for the aid or equipment item.

The health professional needs to do this because using wrong or unsuitable assistive technology, or even using assistive technology incorrectly, can put you and others at risk of serious injury. It is also best that this is done in your home so you are familiar with any special areas of concern, for example, steps, gutters and bathroom layout.

The requesting health professional is also notified that delivery has taken place.

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