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How to get assistive technology

Requests for FlexEquip assistive technology are not processed until a written referral is received for the item from a health professional who has assessed your needs and requirements in your primary residence. This health professional will make a referral to FlexEquip using the FlexEquip online referral form.

What health professionals can make a referral to FlexEquip?


  • occupational therapists may make referrals for assistive technology to assist with everyday living activities. These items commonly include wheelchairs, bathroom aids, hoists and pressure care cushions
  • speech pathologists may make referrals for communication devices
  • physiotherapists may make referrals for items to assist with walking, seating and transfers, such as walking frames.

Why do health professionals have to make the referral to FlexEquip?

The health professional makes the referral because they have the skills and knowledge to assess assistive technology needs. This will ensure that:

  • you receive the most appropriate assistive technology for your needs and your individual environment

  • you will be instructed on the safe use of the assistive technology.

Using wrong or unsuitable assistive technology can put you and others at risk of serious injury.

I don't know a health professional who can refer me

If you need help in finding a health professional contact your general practitioner or you can contact MND NSW.

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