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Wheelchair - manual - tilt-in-space

Item description

A manual wheelchair that also has the feature where the seat and backrest can be tilted to assist with changing the user's position, as they need, throughout the day.
Item supplied may vary from illustration.

How is it used:

Tilting helps prevent pressure sores by temporarily shifting the weight from buttocks to the back and assists by reducing the amount of effort it takes to remain upright in a wheelchair.


Key features:

  • variety of models available

  • manual tilting of backrest with seat

  • fixed non folding base 

  • adjustable head

  • height adjustable armrests

  • seat board to allow use of different pressure cushions  


Tips for using:

  • correct tyre inflation pressure is marked on the outside rim of the tyre

  • tyres can be inflated at service stations or if you have a portable air compressor

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