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Voice amplifier with neck mic

FlexEquip - NSW and ACT

Equipment available

FlexEquip has over 1800 items of equipment in its library.

The range of equipment available for all people with motor neurone disease and adult NDIS participants with other rapidly progressive neurological conditions who meet the FlexEquip eligibility criteria includes:

Standard equipment

- electric raiser/recliner - single motor
- electric raiser recliner - Airwing (high need only, report required)
- utility - low or high back

 - electric homecare - single only (no bed rails)

Commode chair
 - bedside

- see separate list below

- gel
- Roho

- pivot frame

Mattress overlay
- alternating air, high profile
- Roho

Monkey bar
- free standing

Neck support
- Headmaster collar

Over bed/chair table

Over toilet aid

Shower chair

Shower commode

- attendant propelled
- self-propelled
- tilt in space

Shower stool

Sliding transfer bench

Sling for hoist

- full body with head support

Toilet surround

Transfer belt

Transfer board


Voice amplifier

Walking frame

- forearm support frame
- seat and basket

- manual: self-propelled/transit/tilt in space
- powered: basic/ tilt in space

Wheelchair ramp
- portable only


Communication, computer access and environmental control

Application (App) - Loaded on FlexEquip tablet
- Assistive chat - (after trial only)
- Predictable - (after trial only)
- Proloquo2go - (after trial only)
- SpeakIt
- Verbally

 - Ergo rest

- E Tran board
- Laser head pointer
- Lightwriter SL35 - replacement options also listed
- Message Mate
- Polyana 3
- Remote door chime with switch activation

Computer access
- Mouse:
 - Hands free: Smart Nav
 - Joystick-carrot/ball knob
 - Mini track ball
 - Switch adapted
 - Touch pad/EasyCat
 - Track ball
- Software:
 - Ezy Keys computer software
 - Grid 2 - on locked USB

Environmental control unit
- GEWA Prog
- HouseMate Lite - big buttons

Lightwriter SL35 replacement
- Lightwriter SL40
- SpeakOut - scanning

Mounting system for communication device
- Latitude - switch mount
- RAM EZ suction - iPad mount
- Universal - switch mounts

- Ablenet
- Click
- Cushion/pillow
- Jelly bean
- Magic wand with headset sensor
- Micro Light
- Papoo/Candy Corn
- Scatir
- Spec
- String

Switch interface
- Switch4Apps
- Bluetooth - TherapyBox

Switch connector
- Joycable - USB

- iPad - pre-loaded with Apps either ‘Verbally’ and  ‘Speak it’ or ‘Proloquo2go’ or ‘Predictable’ (special criteria apply)

Voice amplifier

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