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Bluetooth therapy box

Item description

A switch interface that enables a switch to connect to a tablet using Bluetooth.

How is it used:

The switch box is connected by Bluetooth to the iPad. Once connected the user is able to access a variety of switch accessible Apps. The switch box and switch are positioned with the user, perhaps for head or foot or hand access, and the iPad with Predictable, or a similar assistive App can be positioned separately for ease of viewing by the user.

For people with:

Difficulties with speech and difficulties with use of hands.

Key features:

  • can be configures to operate iOS7 switch control
  • smallest switch interface for iPad
  • can use 1-2 switches at a time
  • USB cable recharge
  • bluetooth connectivity.

Setting up links:

SwitchBox Instructions:

SwitchBox Demonstration:

Tips for using:

Trouble shooting – Pairing with Therapy Box:

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