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Item description

 A switch interface that enables a switch to connect to a tablet using Bluetooth.

How is it used:

To use the APPlicator the user pairs the APPlicator with their iPad by selecting it in the Bluetooth menu (no PIN entry required). They then connect any wired switch to one or more of the four, programmable, switch inputs. Once connected the user is able to access a variety of switch accessible Apps.

For people with:

Difficulties with speech and difficulties with use of hands.

Key features:

  • bluetooth connectivity
  • can connect to 1-4 switches at any time
  • charges via USB
  • accessible with iPad 1-4 and Air, iPod 3rd and 4th gen, iPhone 4/4s and 3GS
  • 20 metre operating range.

Setting up links:

APPlicator user’s manual:

APPlicator for iPad demonstration:

APPlicator for iPad:

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