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Universal switch mount - Knob

Item description

An adjustable mount used to mount a switch to various surfaces including a wheelchair, table, bench and bed. Friction knob fixing lock for adjustment.
Item supplied may vary from illustration.

How is it used:

The mount is fixed to an existing table or desk using the built-in clamp. User can adjust the height and position of the mount by tightening or loosening the friction knob joint.

For people with:

Difficulties with use of hands.

Key features:

  • easy to turn friction knob securely locks all joints in place
  • extends to 52cm (20.5”) and withstands up to 2.2kg force
  • includes Super Clamp
  • includes universal mounting plate
  • no tools needed.

Setting up links:

Universal Mounting system manual:

Tips for using:

Monthly adjustments are recommended to keep the lever model “in tune”.

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