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Item description

Movable support for the arm that clamps to table or desk.  The user can rest their forearm in the support while using a device or switch. Also useful for supporting the forearm during repetitive tasks or other table top activities.

How is it used:

The ErgoRest is fixed to the front of an existing table or desk using the built-in clamp. A person rests their forearm on the built-in armrest. The armrest allows some movement while continuing to support the arm.

For people with:

Difficulties with upper body movement and difficulties with use of hands.

Key features:

  • three swivel joints for horizontal movement
  • adjustable clamp for attaching to table or desk
  • can attach to worktops 15-43mm thick
  • can support up to 12kgs.

Setting up links:

Fitting Instructions:

ErgoRest Set up:

ErgoRest Armrest Demonstration:

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