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Smart Nav 3

Item description

Hands-free computer mouse. Uses an infrared camera and reflective adhesive dots to track movement for computer cursor movement and onscreen operation.
Item supplied may vary from illustration.

How is it used:

A reflective dot is placed on the user (usually on a cap worn by the user or the bridge of a pair of glasses). The infrared camera tracks the movement of the dot for computer cursor movement and operation of the onscreen keyboard. Mouse clicking can be achieved a variety of ways:

  • hotkeys: keyboard keys which act as left, right and middle click
  • dwell-clicking software: hovering mouse in same spot for a certain (adjustable) period of time
  • switch access: ability to plug up to two of any type of switches in for click access

For people with:

Difficulties with speech and difficulties with use of hands.

Key features:

  • hands free activation
  • can be used with a virtual keyboard
  • plugs into USB port on computers.

Setting up links:

SmartNav 3 User’s manual

SmartNav Introduction

Tips for using:

The reflective dots can be placed on the brim of a baseball cap or the bridge of eye glasses.

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