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Door chime (switch activated)

Item description

A battery operated door chime that has been modified to be used with a switch.
Item supplied may vary from illustration.

How is it used:

The switch adapted door chime is in two parts: the button part which a switch plugs into and the chime part. The button part remains with the person needing assistance and they press the switch when they need assistance. The chime part is positioned near the person responding to the chime. When the switch is pressed by the person needing assistance, the other person will hear the chime and know that assistance is needed.

For people with:

Limited mobility, difficult to understand or low volume speech and difficult use of hands.

Key features:

  • small, portable battery operated
  • require very small movements of the hand, finger, foot, elbow or chin to be activated
  • the person responding to the chime  can keep the main chime with them when going out of the room.

Setting up links:

Door chime reception range must be tested within the environment it is being used because building construction materials (walls, doors) can affect may reception range.

Door chime switch adapted:

Tips for using:

Batteries are in both parts; button part and chime part, test batteries daily.

If the door chime randomly sounds in the middle of the night, the privacy code may need to be changed; see


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