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Mattress overlay - Roho

Item description

A mattress overlay that goes on top of a foam mattress. Consists of four connecting sections: three x air inflated and one foam. Used to facilitate pressure area prevention.
Item supplied may vary from illustration.


Key features:

  • assembles in 4 sections; 3 x Roho (air inflatable) + 1 x foam

  • hand inflated with hand held pump

  • air pressure is adjustable to suit individual client requirements

  • mattress sections are fastened together by press studs

  • durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin sensitivity, and is easily cleaned

  • flexible cells adapt to patient contours and reduce shear forces while transferring or repositioning

  • the foam section has a waterproof cover

Setting up links:

Pressure needs to be checked daily as if pressure is not too high or too low this can cause pressure areas

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